Festival regulations of the international whisky festival “The Spirit of Maastricht”.

1) Persons over 18 years of age have access to the festival, if they are in possession of a valid admission ticket and a valid identity document, so that they can identify themselves in case of doubt about their age. Legitimation up to 21 years is mandatory.

2) The festival organisation reserves the right to refuse registrations without giving reasons.

3) The admission ticket indicates for which session the ticket is valid.
Smoking is prohibited at the location. Smokers can smoke outside and through a wristband they get access to the festival.

4) An e-ticket is only valid if it can be scanned by the organisation for authenticity and as an entry ticket. E-tickets for guests and exhibitors are valid for any desired session.

5) The Spirit of Maastricht is organized to introduce guests to a wide variety of blended and malt whisky. It is the intention that you taste the whisky and not that you consume large quantities of spirits.
The organisation has the right – whether or not after giving a warning – to deny you access to the festival and/or to remove you from the festival building (or have you removed from the festival building), if in the opinion of the organisation:
a) are under such influence of alcohol that you are a danger to yourself and/or others and/or cause nuisance;
b) commits violence or threatens others with violence and/or commits other criminal offences;
c) does not strictly follow other instructions from authorised personnel.

6) During the entire event the organization will do everything possible to protect people and goods. To identify people as guests of The Spirit of Maastricht, both visitors and exhibitors will be given their own wristband. This makes it possible to leave the location and come back again.

The monitoring and security of this event is in the hands of the organisation.
However, the festival organisation explicitly rejects any liability:
a) as a result of the effects of alcohol consumption in the broadest sense of the word;
b) for damage to people and goods, in the broadest sense of the word, caused by anyone or anything;
c) for and/or as a result of transactions between visitors, exhibitors and/or location operators, of whatever nature and size.

Festival Regulations
“The Spirit of Maastricht
International Whisky Festival